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and repurposers -- of vintage finds and antique treasures from the early 1900s to the late 1940s who practice the Kindergarten tenent of sharing on this page.  (we are


Funky Junk and What's Next?
By: A Cat Eye Girl  -  5/16/2011


We love the funky junk look, even though most of us are old enough to remember and feel a gravitational pull towards the "formality" of our grandmother's house with elements from the 1930s, 40s and 50s -- barkcloth drapes, cherry coffee tables, mahogany end tables and corner curios, oak sideboards, matching overstuffed couch and chair with mohair upholstery . . .  . That said, we've been asking some "funky junk" questions.

What is it about funky junk that warms our hearts?

funky junk, funky junk show, yeakima, portland, hillsboro, spokane, walla walla, seattle, puyallupFunky junk by nature is a bit rebellious, non-conforming.  Why?  Because when you fill your homes with antique and funky junk show treasures you are not spending money with a more "corporate" America.  The advertisers in Country Living reep little from your disposable income when you spend it at American Primitives at Clayson Farm Antique Show in Yakima or "Antiques on the Farm" at Bill's Berry Farm in Grandview (Yakima Valley). 

The look and feel of a room filled with funky junk takes us back to the days when Country Living taught us how to create cozy rooms, stunning vignettes and awe inspiring makeovers with antique and vintage furniture and elements -- A time when Pottery Barn didn't exist in every major city, Target didn't market a line of Shabby Chic quilts from China and every month Martha taught us something useful and inspiring about old things.  


So, what's comes after "Funky Junk?"

Great question that we don't have an answer for . . . That said, we're plucky enough to take a stab at changes we see coming to the "World of Funky Junk!"

1.  Some of us will tire easily of "sheet music dressers," jars filled with shredded old ephemera and collections of black, wind-up alarm clocks that nobody uses. 

2.  Some of us will strike a delicate, yet comfortable balance between the formality of fine "antiques" and rescued artifacts with peeling oil-based paint. 

3.  More and more thirtysomethings will be charmed by yesteryear and cover their dining room tables with 1950s tablecloths and set the bones of their apartments with the solid wood antique furniture that is easily repaired and restored, sparing need for more imported "sawdust" furniture with a pretty finish that ends its life in the landfill because . . . well, because clamps and wood glue alone can't necessarily repair broken press board furniture.  They just need to learn the difference between the two to see the underlying value of antique furniture.

4.  Many of us will march forward with our galvanized kits and kabootles and industrial funky junk towards the likes of Mary Jane's Farm and the Prosser Farm Girls who promise to introduce us to and teach us the artisan skills and crafts that kept our grandmother's hands busy and dressers dressed with tatting, fine embroidery and dresser scarves! 

5. Even more of us will buy next year's copy of Flea Market Style where we will find a few clever ideas, sparks of inspiration and a few more line ads for more and more funky junk shows . . .  so we can add to our prized collection of kits and kabootles.

Well, there it is . . .  Not really earth shattering predictions about what's next . . . though we don't claim to be the trendsetter here . . . just plucky recyclers and repurposers of funky junk, industrial kits, whimsical kabootles, primitive anythings and structurally funtional vintage elements that produce feelings of optimism and happiness!


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Less is usually more, though when you are recycling and repurposing, more is, well, actually more!

We'll get farther, collect and share more ideas for using funky junk in new ways, provide more funky junk inspiration, salvage more funky junk, repurpose more funky junk  and recycle more funky junk if we do it together!

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